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Weightless Project™

The Weightless Project™ is on a mission to find creative ways to keep you motivated.  Creating unique workouts, finding the best tools out there and making it accessible is our goal.  Yes, we are quirky.   Yes, we are different.  And yes, we love being that way!

Roll to Recovery

Life is hard on your body.  Roll to Recovery makes life feel better.   Through toning movements, Rollga® foam-rolling, and a whole lot of great music, you will look forward to this class like no other class before.  A massage and toning class in one!


Eze is a class Julie designed using one of her favorite tools, the Yoga Trapeze.  While many advanced yogis and athletes use this tool for extreme workouts, we use it to make working out easier!  Eze is not currently open to the public and class spots are full.  Contact us to be put on the waitlist for future open spots.

The Weightless Club

Julie has followed a lower carb/high healthy fat way of eating since 2013. Through her background in nutrition and personal experience, she has become a valuable resource for how to eat to feel great.  Learn more about the The Club here.  Online participation is available.


In addition to creating classes, Julie is a Certified REFIT® Insturctor with REFIT® Revolution.  REFIT® is a life-changing group fitness experience that rocks your body, heart, and soul with powerful moves and positive music, to inspire you from the inside out. Powered by human connections, we turn boring, “have-to” workouts into a “can’t-miss” community fitness experience!