Weightless Corporate Training

Wellness education in the workplace is cost effective.  Sick time, delayed projects, unhappy customers, and over-time is a short list of the cost to the workplace when an employee is out.  However, many corporate wellness programs only offer lengthy in-service workshops, or high cost 1:1 employee wellness coaching.

Quick. Effective. Inspiring.

Give your employees the experience they want, the results you need, and tools that will last a lifetime.  All in 1-hour.


Workshop Options


During the InMotion Training, your employees will receive a Rollga, the best foam rolling technology to date, and training on how to use the Rollga to reduce sick time.  However, a tool and training are ineffective without inspiration to effect change. InMotion Training will motivate your employees to incorporate what they have learned to make a positive impact at work and home.

Beautifully Unbalanced

Are your employees arriving to work visibly overwhelmed, stressed and in general a “hot mess”? This workshop will assist your employees in the effort to create solutions which apply at home and work to reduce stress and general life chaos.  Your employees will be taught an alternative time management approach and be given the motivation to implement the approach to create a healthy work environment.

How to Help Your Employees Look Forward to Work

Google “Monday Memes” and you will see it is abundantly clear returning to work is generally regarded as a negative requirement. Negativity is like glitter, it spreads quickly and it is hard to clean up.  But it is not impossible! In this one-hour workshop, employees will be taught how to approach challenges in the workplace which hinder a healthy work environment.  Kickstart a change in workplace attitudes and atmosphere for happier Monday mornings.


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Julie is a Certified Rollga Fascia Specialist, Certified Rollga Group Fitness Specialist, Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant through the American College of Healthcare Sciences, American Council on Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Certified REFIT® Instructor and RID CI/CT(Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Certificate of Interpretation/Certificate of Transliteration) American Sign Language Interpreter specializing in medical interpreting for close to 20 years.