The Class

Intentional recovery is essential to any full life. Whether you are a 20-year old bodybuilder or a grandparent who has never exercised, your body craves recovery.  Life is hard on your body.  Roll to Recovery makes life feel better.   Through toning movements, Rollga foam-rolling, and a whole lot of great music, you will look forward to this class like no other class before!

The Roller

Can I bring my own foam roller to class?  Yes!  If it is a Rollga.  This class is designed around the Rollga because it is wonderfully effective and provides safety for the joints, spine and other curves of your body.  If you don’t have a Rollga yet, get yours here. Enter the code BEYOU for a discount!

What to Expect

Laughter.  Hard work.  Great music.  That “ahhh… moment” you get with any great massage.  When you walk into the Roll to Recovery class you are now a valuable, irreplaceable member of a community.  My goal is to make every workout you do more effective through intentional recovery.  I want to reduce injuries in every area of your life, no matter your age, by increasing your range of motion. I want you to feel better about what you can do and who you are.  This is not just a fitness class, it is a movement.


Tip #1

No Judgement

This is an hour of “you” time.  Follow along or if you have specific rolling needs, do your own thing.

Tip #2

Do Your Best

The guy next to you is doing a Rollga pushup – plank – crunch.  Good for him!  This is not a competition.  Do only what you can do.  Your best is good enough!

Tip #3


Have fun and know that you are an essential part of the making this class amazing.  If you see someone standing awkwardly alone, go say “Hi” and introduce yourself.  Making connections helps everyone succeed.